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I'd actually pay 200 for this. I think we need to look at what it is. Depending on internals its a similar package to the trracer which was 120 for a base package. Except this is first strike mag fed. So that's adds some value there. The trracer had a shoddy stock bolt that many of us had to shell out around 25-30 for a stainless upgrade. Can't remember the exact price of lizard bolts . But that raises to ~150. If this has better internals. Either brass like the old hammers which would be cool. Or steel or even delrin. Than I'd say your probably getting your money's worth. I for one am getting one. Even though I'm not fond of the grip or what looks like the inability to attach a new one. I'm not fond of the pump handle nothave rails for fforegrip, Ithink iI'll try to attach the trracer one to it. And I'm not fond of that manual latch follower on the mag. But all and all I like it
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