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Which creates a cycle. Without new players the "economics of scale" that have allowed paint prices to come down will, over time, adjust. Without affordable paint and / or unlimited (or nearly unlimited) paint sponsorship the volume of paint will come down. IF (and thats capitalized for a reason) the reason for new players falling off the cliff was volume of paint this will reverse. Of course new players will increase the volume again and we might start all over.
At the wholesale level there was a bit of an adjustment a few years ago. Prices did go up some. But those wholesalers have a lot of competition today. Much of it from off shore sources and many of those off shore manufacturers seem to live by a completely different set of economic laws. The point is, North American paintball manufacturers can't just raise their prices to whatever they feel is right. The mass purchasers (fields and stores) see to it that manufacturer prices are kept low. That's why we have seen North American paintball manufacturers close and merge. They are operating, even with the price increase of a few years ago, very close to their lowest limits.

The slight increase the wholesalers had a few years ago would have very little affect at the local field. Sure prices for a case of paintballs went up two or three dollars, but the difference at the field between $45 and $48 (just an example) will be hardly noticeable.
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