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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Ok but than you sacrifice optimum conditions for one or the other for poor conditions for the both. The barrel that you should use with first strikes is not the barrel you should use for paintball nor are the velocity setting the same.
It's been my experience that as long as you can find paintballs with ODs around .687 (like a First Strike) they will shoot within 5fps of the first strike rounds.

If not, just chrono for whichever round hits the higher velocity. You're still going to get a massive range/accuracy gain with the first strikes.

Also, don't want to open up a completely different can of worms with the overboring/underboring thing, but seeing as how we're talking about an open-bolt electro here you should be fine either way, and if anything, overboring with functional detents should be just fine.

Assuming that this thing comes with the equivalent of a .687 or .689 DYE Ultralite, I wouldn't consider it a "poor condition" for either type of ammo.
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