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I really like it BUT, I'm not sure I like the bit about trying to encourage a non-lethal approach to the missions. The more people you kill, the darker the game becomes. This is interesting and poses some deeper choices and has really made me think about whether I choke a guy out or cut his head off. However, Corvo is a bad mofracka with supernatural powers and some great combat skills, so am I really to blame if I want to use his skills? The previews of the game showed him slicing through everyone, not really sneaking around.

I laid waste to the entire first level before I knew about the non-lethal perks so I'm kinda stuck on the high chaos level. For those who don't know, the game has different endings depending on how you behave in the game too. Stealth is fun sometimes and I'm sure there are those that love stealth games, but I prefer to just assasinate fools. I spent almost two hours sneaking through one mansion and kept getting seen by a maid or a dog who would alert everyone. After repeated saving and reloading to try and get by this area I finally went bezerk and slaughtered every man, woman, and dog in the building. So, yeah I'm pretty sure I'm headed for the darker ending...

Overall it's awesome. I'd like to see the graphics improved though. Definitely pick this up if you are an assassins creed or hitman fan.
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