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How to make your FN303 safe for Paintball

I know you all of you have been breathlessly waiting for answers on how to turn your FN303 in to a paintball safe, First Strike spiting gun-o-doom. Well here it is!

Step One: Disassemble
Take The 8 screws out of the outer shell of the gun to reveal the main body of the gun.

Step Two: Remove the Valve
there is a Bolt (Like the Banjo Bolt on a normal Automag) in the smallest hole on the side of the main body. Remove that Bolt to remove the Valve. Do not remove the Steel Braided Hose!

Step Three: Remove the Bolt

Step Four: Cut into the Valve
Locate the seam on the front of the valve between the base of the Powertube and the Main Valve. Cut along this seam all the way around the valve, I used a Hand Saw with a triple ought blade and it worked great. You only need to take of a couple hundredths of an inch. so don't saw through it.

Step Five: Insert Nylon Washers
For this step you will need 4 (OD:7/8 ID:3/4) and 1 (slightly smaller so that it fits inside the front Powertube Cap. I forgot the OD but ID:3/4) Nylon Washers. Ignore the long spacer in the picture, you don't need that.

Step Six: Reassemble
Reassemble the gun. Don't forget anything...

Step Seven: Tune the Velocity
Turn the screw on the back of the valve In to increase the velocity. If the gun starts to leak, disassemble it and remove the smallest washer and try again. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions and Enjoy your FN!

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