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That was fun :)

No lathe time tonight...

So I worked on a differnt type of project.


I decided to go at it on the 007 Nelsplat and Kingman Hammer that I just picked up.

They were both REALLY rough.

The Hammer only needed internal work, nothin external (except a wipe down)
-Polished Bolt (brass!)
-Polished Hammer (brass!)
-Polished Sear (anti double feed too!)
-Polished the Trigger Assembly (didnt get in the nooks or crannies, not worth it)
-Retrofitted an AR-15 Ergo Grip
-CCI Springs

The 007 Nelsplat is REALLY REALLY BAD
-Polished CCI Bolt (might polish the stock one but if im replacing it... why?)
-Worked on a new TPC for it (chopped the back of a stock one off, gonna drill it out and broach the tip, want to be able to get some adjustment out of it)
-Polished Stock Hammer (wanted to put a SSC Triflute, but gotta change sears)
-CCI Cupseal on stock powertube
-Rounded the uppertube (.750 dia pin wouldnt slide through, now an .830 will!)
-Started Polishing the outside, got the majority off of it, but still need to fine tune it

The 007 will be an SSC Booth Gun, talked to the boss at my day job, I think we are gonna send it out to get nickle plated

-Reamed/Honed a Bonebrake Pro Series 'Cocker for a customer too!

Im hungry, im headin home!

Class tomorrow, so no SSC shop time unless I go in way early (i might)
Workin late friday (lots of SSC)
Workin a little on saturday (some SSC)
Ordering some material for Cocker Valve tools too!

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