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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
It sounds like most are answering with what THEY would like to build.

Aresfiend, it sounds like a Cocker would be a good choice for you. I have not built one myself, but from nosing about on the forums it looks like there are about a million variations you could reach by selecting different bodies, frames, pneumatics, regs, etc. Assembling, sealing, and timing would be a tinkerer's delight.

As Heinous suggested, an Automag could be a decent alternative as well.

Whatever you decide on, start your research by hitting the subforums and scrolling through picture threads, and sales threads. The misc. paintball BST forum has tons of parts for Mags and Cockers.
nope. i have already a good half dozen projects of various sorts: from the totally custom to the totally mundane of listing things to be sold. besides, i have my own far out custom build that is taking a little back burner as i do just about everything else besides paintball.


if you already know what you want to do, build a cocker, then there is no need to ask for opinions. people have all sorts of different tastes and skill levels. if you have a bunch of sypders, then go to something spyder based. if you want to do a cocker, then do a cocker. its easier to help someone if they have a basis of what that people wants.
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