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the example with Walmart doesn't apply to paintball

In paintball, if you buy a broken product, you're stuck with it, and you have to incur all the costs of sending it to the manufacturer.

This isn't "retailer" driven, this is MANUFACTURER driven. I know all the paintball companies inside of this industry, I can tell practically every employee, that works at every company inside of this industry. I know their policies from returns, to MAP pricing, distribution, everything.

The paintball manufacturers, do NOT give retailers the ability to "swap" or "exchange" broken products. If you own a store, and you sell a Proto (for example). If that Proto is broken, Dye does not allow you to take a gun that was attempted to be used, exchange it for a brand new one, and send the broken one back for credit.

You can't do this with AGD, you can't do this with Planet, you can't do this with Empire, you can't do this with Dye.

If you buy a broken product, you are stuck with it and the retailer can't help you, because the manufacturers don't allow the retailers to "warranty swap" defective products in house. The "tradition" is that the consumer must send the product back to the manufacturer, for warranty repairs.

This does not matter what store or online retailer you purchase from. I've dealt with this 100 times, and it's why I generally hold off on brand new company's products when they first hit the market (Zodiac ZR1, Machine Vapor, Alien, etc). Because if my gun is out of spec, doesn't shoot properly, doesn't work, it's on ME to send it in to get repaired.

Now, is there room for change? Sure, but at this point no company is going to step forward, and tell all 1,200 of it's retailers "Go ahead, let your customer service staff make the decision to warranty swap guns. Then send us the ones you think are broken and we'll issue a credit to your account. Or just send you a brand new one in it's place.."

That's not ANSGear's fault, nor is the fault of any other retailer. That's a policy in place, set from the manufacturer, not the retailer. So to blame a retailer for "selling me a broken gun" is nonsense. They didn't test it, nor do they have the authority to swap it for you, even if it was broken.

In paintball, if the product you purchased happens to arrive DOA, it's on the consumer's shoulders to get it repaired, not the retailer. Sure, it's your right to bitch, whine and moan about the policy that's been in place for 2+ decades, but it won't change anything. Nor will it fix your situation any faster.
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