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Love the Empire barrel kit. I have one I bought for my 'Fox.

I just received a pair of T-cats - both have PMI barrels. I tested them both (they seem to work fine) but man are they QUIET!

Both of them have been "Messed" with - the original trigger guard was cut away, and a two-digit trigger was added - maybe from a spyder because they don't fit right. I'm gonna look around for some brass and try my hand at making a new trigger shoe and guard.

Anyone have any trouble with the safety on their 'Cat. Mine are both really stiff.

Anyway, they cleaned up nice and "purty", now I have to find time to get them to the field.

One will be getting my old school expansion chamber and a bottom line. The Other I'll leave BBA. That way I can tell them apart.
Looks like I have WilyKit and WilyKat... hmmm... maybe some custom art work...
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