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Etek 3 Lt w/ POPS Asa For Sale...


I just got this and it is a great shooter but we are entering a time of year that always makes me antsy. I don't know why, but anticipating winter always makes me a little stir crazy or something. Last year I almost bought a banjo to learn how to play and just resisted, this year I'm contemplating ukuleles... But it is all more fun when you have money to try and resist spending.. So up goes this sweet little etek 3 Lt. The only upgrade from stock is a POPS asa. Some very slight wear from play and two very small dings pictured in the third pic are the only things I would want to know about if I was buying. Otherwise it is working flawlessly.


Price: Pending... $280.00 shipped (just trying to get my money back out)

Trades: offer away, I like pump play mostly and I'll look at ukuleles too.

Thanks for your time.
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