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You have to tap it out with a punch. The hole that sits above the safety on the top of the frame is a hole for a little ball bearing and spring that sits below the safety and is responsible for the crisp clicky action.

That little bugger likes to fly out at about 447 miles a second and is carved from Houdini's tooth enamel. Once it's gone, it's gone.

So, with the frame propped up firmly on small blocks to allow clearance for the safety to fall, Place the frame with the ball bearing/spring assembly toward the top and punch the safety down with a flat round metal object. An allen key works in a pinch.

Cover the frame with a rag when you do this, you can even run the punch through a hole in the rag. Work on a large clean surface to easily spot any rolling parts.

To re-assemble; push the safety into the frame with the two grooves to sit above the spring and ball bearing. Using the safety to block the spring and ball bearing from falling out of the safety hole, push the spring into the hole first, followed by the ball bearing. Push them down with an allen key far enough to allow the safety to clear them. You should get a satisfying click and a working safety.

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