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Originally Posted by Marauder_Pilot View Post
Ha, yeah, I did! I kept thinking '****, where do I know that name from...'

Also, I love how the Hallowe'en challenge basically turned into everybody berzerkering any Husks/Abominations that they found. The group before wiped because, I **** you not, three people simultaneously Biotic Charged a Possessed Abomination and died.
Haha, they never learn.

That last challenge weekend was especially bad. 75,000 points from Biotic Charge? There was a lot of bad vanguards running around.

Vanguard 1 BCs a banshee and gets sync killed. "WTF are you guys??"
Ten seconds left on extraction and Vanguard 2 BCs a nearby group and dies. "HELP!!!".
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