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-Was on front page of california section of la time with my class after our bus caught fire (and was completely destroyed). They were tossing kids out of window : 0

-Was in an episode of Rob and big (well, just my at the time afro and my car pretty much). Big is cool, Rob is a dick...

-Was ALMOST in a featured segment during halftime of the NBA finals. The story goes a friend of mine somehow got me to do this stunt for the NBA finals. It was a paintball stunt where I, most of team XSV, a couple ironmen, and another friend of mine, shot red, white, and blue paint and painted a U.S. flag on a giant canvas. The stunt went fine enough, but as we were waiting for them to okay it, nicky cuba pulls out a porno mag and some beer and gets us kicked off set and the stunt tanked. I was like, dude, we were going to be on TV! His reply? "im on tv all the time dude, whatever.." What a douche.

-And I've had something like 1,100 paintball guns, haha. When I tell people this they act like I'm some kind of terrorist...

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