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I don't see how you get much benefit from regulating 12 grams without getting into or near "low pressure". If you don't get CO2 out of it's nasty high pressure behavior, you still have use sweetspotting to handle the variations. Once you get down around 300 psi or so, sweetspotting isn't so critical.

To me, that is the sad part of such a nice "drop in" CO2 regulator. You can't just stick it on a marker and expect to get a lot out of it. You at least need to re-spring, if not change porting/power tubes. You pretty much need to make a dedicated build to really profit from regulating 12gs.

I'm sure you can get more stability at medium pressures and with a swanky pistol like a duck or gargoyle, the price is probably workable. If I was shooting FS rounds with a 12g setup, it would be worth it. I just can't see it really elevating a nelspot or such without a good bit of retuning.

That said, the only markers I like on 12gs are regulated. I don't like worrying about my sweetspot relative to the weather, how much gas I need for the paint/bore match, or what the variations will be at the beginning and end of every cartridge. The lower you go on pressure, the less all of that stuff matters. If you get to select your own paint and play near an ocean all of the time it's not a big deal. My paint and weather vary a lot, so I like regulators.


Being PPS, I have no doubt it does what it is supposed to. Regulating 12gs requires some planning on your part.
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