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Originally Posted by Lead-Foot
So I called Wayne's today, sounded like Jackie answered and there was a barking dog in the background. I said I live in longwood and I have friends coming from Arkansas, Virginia, and Tampa to play the scenario and I'd like to play with them just for one day on Saturday because I work on Sunday. She sounded lost... So I continued, Is there a way that I could only pay to play on Saturday and not play on Sunday, like give me a different color wrist band or something so you know, don't give me a patch or player card, I just want to play with my friends. She said, ....noooo, I don't think you can. You would have to pay for the whole thing. So I said, well last year I know that some walkon's were able to join in the game without being involved in it, they just hopped on a team and shot people, that's what I want to do. She said, no, you'd have to pay for the whole thing. So I said, alright, but I think you're missing a market of people like me, sorry, have a good day. Paintball business people are dumb.
Nooo... I did that last year, but if I remember right VA Pat ran interference for me. Although, after the whole registration line last year, it wouldn't surprise me if Jackie lost her mind/patience. Ugh, maybe I'll have to play 2 days then My wife will be pissed!

I'm planning on playing, I just have to register when I get to the beach this weekend.

I think the team name is Trigger Happy again, but we can separate into the Team Awesome squad.

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