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Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
There was an old Titan 3 missile silo for sale near Sturgis, that once all the water was pumped out, would be an awesome place to play.
-We talked about that a couple of times over on the Guild, in the same kind of "wouldn't that be cool" sort of discussion.

The problem is, as you can see from the map, it's mostly tunnel. Yeah, there's some large rooms (though they're not as big as you might think) but getting from one big room to another is at best either a single chokepoint (a doorway) or at worst, a hundred-yard-long tunnel.

It'd be one thing if the tunnel were like 50 or 60 feet wide at least, but from most of the pictures shown online, they're at most 12 feet wide, some clearly less than that. It'd be like playing ball in a culvert.

The actual silos are also basically big holes- the accessways are usually towards the ceiling. You'd either need to build a bunch of catwalks, or whole floors, or whatever.

Now yeah, if you had unlimited cash, it's be cool to fill one of those silos with like eight or ten floors, where each floor is connected by firepoles, slides, ramps and ladders (plus red warning beacons, emergency klaxons that go off at random times, and an announcer that says "You now have fourteen minutes to reach minimum safe distance!" periodically... )

But really, as cool as a silo complex would be, it'd be a poor paintball field. Those old civil war forts would be way cooler.

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