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Originally Posted by Marmaduke View Post
Finally, on a side note, refs should be able to check a player w/minimal effect on their play. They especially should not be pushing players out of bunkers.
This, if the refs are doing their job and know what they are doing a ref going to do a paint check is not going to give anyone a better shot. I feel like it would be more of the players fault than ref "manipulation". I have never once got a player shot while checking them. Also with the calling a player neutral I saw that a little when I first started playing but it never works, nowadays they don't even try to do that...the game stops for nothing(unless a mask comes off or some other crazy situation).
Originally Posted by Meph View Post
C'mon, this is America. You know some of that "time better spent elsewhere" is playing paper football and scoping out milfs. Productivity is never 100%. America.
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