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There is a Line SI Bushmaster in the bst that is much cheaper than any phantom, but hasn't sold yet and has been up for a few weeks I think. I think the market has come down on them in the last year or so.

Tipp. 68 maybe rarity of a working one? Nostalgia and some people just giggle like little girls at the huge recoil and mech full auto. Is it a good gun? no, is it cool and fun oh yes. I'd love to shoot one for a game or two sometime.

cockers: two words "back block" The moving backblock is just plain cool. Even the kiddos with their eguns at the field think so. That cool sound of a cocker firing and the huge amount of customization available I think contribute to people still liking them. Plus the heavy platform is a steady one. Plus throw in a heavy dose of nostalgia. But I didn't pay a ton for mine. But it sure is fun to play with.
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