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From the photos it does look like most of the tilt is due to bad camera work and poor perspective control. (There is a reason why professional architectural photographers often have gear that can cost thousands over what other quality photographers would invest in.) But more than likely the house has a bit of a tilt to it. Not unusual for a building of that age. You try standing up straight when you're that old.

If your inspector shows up with decent looking clothes on, and doesn't have a pair of coveralls draped over his arm, tell him to go away. Inspecting a home is hard, dirty, and annoying work, especially for a building of that age. If it isn't, then you're obviously leaving a lot of stuff untouched. Step ladder and extension ladder at minimum, large flashlight, and a good clipboard with lots of paper. A good camera with an external flash is also a great bonus.

Good luck. Potentially looks like a lovely spot.
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