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In a way that resembles the e bolt
but what's in the pic above looks like its just a sear tripper

the ebolt is basically a ram which is controlled by the noid+board
kinda like a Timmy except its not a two way ram, it converts the M98 into an electro pneumatic


What most have done is modified their standard rams into a two way ram and run it with a Timmy noid and board or PM/DM boards
and also only then would you need to run the marker with Eyes and you would also need an LPR for the ram/noid to function

Ebolt kits are very hard to find and with the original parts even harder

It's easier to have someone machine you a two way ram from scratch and run it with a Timmy noid, board of your choice and an LPR

I recommend checking out

Plenty of info there and your chances of finding the parts you need go up a bit
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