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gun owners: leave a 1911 parkerized or get it cerakoted?

As the title says. I am debating in the coming months to get a Rock Island 1911 compact for conceal carry. I will not get a kimber, nor a colt new agent. I can't afford either, so please don't bother debating it. The debate is between parkerized vs cerakoting.

Now, I wouldn't conceal carry every day, maybe once a week, sometimes twice a week depending on what parts of town i go out to at night on the weekends with friends. And that usually is 6 hours max.

Now, I do live in very humid and wet miami, florida. I wouldn't carry when it rains outside to avoid the further wetness.

Given all you know now. I do want the RIA 1911 Compact. But, not sure if I should spring the extra cash when I get it, to get it cerakoted over leaving it simply with the parkerizing.

Any thoughts?
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