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Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
Welcome back John, fully recouped? Took me a couple days to catch up on sleep.

The video was 23 minutes with all the funny comments and had to cut a lot to make fit on YouTube for 15mins. So I just stuck with the essentials. What a great time it was!

Yeah your gun kicked *** and people stopped you in the middle of the road to talk about it, wish I shot it! Tomcat should have you on catshack soon huh?

Just got BF3 for 360. Get home so we can kill people!
Yeah, the soreness was gone by Tues morning surprisingly, my workouts seem to be doing more than I realized. Last year I was sore for a week after and I covered way more distance this year. I think we're headed home on Monday, probably be back sometime late Tues or early Wednesday. I'm not driving straight through to get back. Screw that. I'm definitely down for some BF3 when I get back.

Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
I'd just like to say from my perspective if he would have used the phonetic alphabet when calling in his coordinates on my video I would have said "doesn't mean he's a SEAL, everyone should know that." But the fact that he didn't use it multiple times screams that he's not. So the best thing I can do is make him famously known for being paintballs fake SEAL. And when Wayne asked all veterans to stand for applause from the crowd of players he was up with them, that's why I have no respect for the guy.
Even my wife knows the phonetic alphabet. lol

Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
Hey Tom, everyone on TTH loves the video and said thank you multiple times! None of them are on MCB, but they were in awe on Facebook when I posted the links to the trailer and to the full version. And everyone said you should consider coming to any event that TH attends whenever you like to play alongside them.

When the vets at Wayne's World stood, I applauded my three friends Joe, John and Jeremy who stood because they valiantly served our country. And Rob, even though he wasn't there
Thanks Pat. To be honest, the standing thing is something I'm never comfortable with. I wouldn't to be honest as I never did it for recognition, though it also feels like I'm dishonoring my broters that didn't come home if I don't get my *** out of the chair. I stand for them because they can't...

Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
Thanks, Pat!

I had to bail in a hurry to get home and help with the kids.

Man, I still have 1/2 a case left! I was definitely on track to waste a whole case in that final battle.

I think I was on the complete opposite schedule with John and Tom... everytime I was coming out, they were going in.
It certainly did. Then when we were finally able to link up it seemed like we were out in front fighting the Blues Crew horde each time. I'm still wishing I hadn't run out of air during that one battle, I was dug in deep. You said there was a wall coming at me, and I didn't realize how right you were until I had to call myself out. They wouldn't have gotten me out of that spot without taking heavy casualties had I not ran dry. Dangit.

Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
I'm feeling the itch to get a new loader and mask and possibly a new gun. I hate paintball.
Me too. Hell, maybe we should save up and try to get a deal together somewhere. I still need to try out a NT.
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