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Artsy Gun Stands

So I have a phantom on my desk.

Its a SSC GTG PA Crazy thing....

I built an ASA Mounted Stand, and I love it.

It was a little spendy to build....
10" Piece of Steel Channel
1 Street Elbow
1 Pipe Reducer
2 Unions
2 Double Ended Nipples (1 steel, 1 brass)

I love the fact that its adjustable and can be rotated just about every whichway (360* around the asa axis, 360* around the mount axis, minus points that dont balance... not very many)

Im wondering what you guys use

Its my office at work, so it has to be clean/professional

Im postin a pic of mine on SSCfb right now.... because fb is blocked from work internet, but its the fastest/easiest way to load a pic

Anybody else have cool gun stands for display/picture purposes?
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