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Gen-E Matrix

Okay, Broke-*** college student, and I messed up with some finances and I need some spending money.

Enough of the sob story, time for the goods!

I have a Red Gen E Matrix with the following, as per what Bones told me when I bought it from him over the summer

Gen 2 'Image' bolt kit
No eyes
LCD Board
Toxic trigger

It will probably need to be lubed, since it's been sitting at my house since I left for school in August, but it shot great before I left. I received it in the mail from Bones, slapped a battery in it, aired it up, and giggled like a little girl, then hung it on the wall.

I'd like to at least try to get close to what I paid for it, so $100 plus shipping within the USA, I am not incredibly comfortable selling across the border to Canada, but if you really want it I am willing to see what I can do
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