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WTB/WTT: Cheapish Pump

Hey folks,

I'm looking for a decent pump to play back-up to my Sheridan(s). Doesn't need to be the most gorgeous or have tons of bells and whistles but it'd be nice if it, y'know, worked. I have my trade list below and I can add about $100 (though less would be preferable).

- Gun Parts
- Soft Goods
- Kingman Hammer

Regarding the marker I'm looking for...

Must Have:
- Cocker threads
- Um... all parts needed to shoot?

Nice to Haves:
- Regulator
- Hitman mod (or a pump kit that takes one)
- Clamping feedneck

Don't Need:
- Barrel
- Grips
- ASA (wouldn't mind a rail)

- Matt
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