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Thanks. I haven't played at all in the last year and miss it too much. Gotta get back in but can't be spending 150 for a day of paint. I'm stoked to hit the field again (went last week with my azodin for the first time) again. It was fun playing last week, no real players showed up so I was playing a bunch of rentals. It was actually harder on the woodsball field oddly. Once I got a few tags and the rentals noticed I knew how to play I would end up stuck behind things while a rain of semi automatic paintballs rained down on me. But I got good eliminations, and actually never got shot before I got someone out, something I can't say about evertytime I've rushed a line of rentals with my PM7 or Pimp.

Know I was outgunned, I played differently. I played to my advantages. I knew I had a good paint/barrel match, I knew they had a terrible one (the rentals are old Tippman carbine looking things...idk what marker, but OLD and the barrel is a monster). They are direct Co2 with no gas through grip (you hold the barrel shroud). It's a nice rental gun, durable as hell you could run this thing over and it would be FINE. but it lacks accuracy of course and chops like a b***** when people get overexcited with it.

I'd find good positions, stay hidden until people were in range and get a tag or two. I'd hide while they fired, and climb to the edges to snap shoot. I snap shot more that day then ever before even when playing competitively.

In one map I actually was shooting a "lane" moreso then with my electros. In that I was focused on keeping one bunker unreachable, and the accuracy of my shots, even when I would have to shoot, hide and shoot again allowed me to keep the rentals out of that bunker.

Sure I took plenty of hits and was playing rookies. But I played alone against groups, and often did well. It was more fun overall, normally against rentals I would have pressed myself to do everything. Take out a bunch of em, grab the flag and score while others still played. Rentals don't know the fields like I do, or the game, so I press to dominate. This means disappointment when the rental marker happens to catch me on an ill conceived dash. Or annoyance when I'm trapped in a trench and can't get out due to the hail of paint over my head. With the Pump in hand ever moment I played was awesome. Just staying alive and returning fire at a distinct disadvantage was FUN. I loved it, and it's a feeling i'd rather have.

I also liked knowing everytime I pumped I could fire. No more thinking about my paint or diving too hard. Or worrying about the eyes. Or the battery. Just pull the pump, and fire.
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