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Hey, Welcome back to the sport!
I, myself, recently just returned to playing with almost the exact same story.(no team) Don't worry about anything on PbNation... Finding this website was a dream come true in comparison. Everyone starts off as an arrogant little kid there. haha.

In fact, I also have a new players pump thread going for CT right now. I just pickedup a nice minimag off of this site, and also shoot a private label imp. This isn't my intro thread, I'm simply telling ya that kickin' it old school it the way go! And an Evil Pimp? Oh man, I am jealous of you!

I don't care much for new guns, but if I had any real advice it would be to buy the best gear (hopper/mask/pod(packs)/tank. Some times it isn't worth buying all the second hand crap to save a dollar. I can't speak much for guns because sometimes I think about selling both of mine for a Dye Reflex, but I feel like shooting a new one would just take away some of the fun of taking kids out with markers that are sometimes older than they are. xD

Good luck in your search!
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