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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
Well if they say it's covered and you can bring in estimates for replacement I don't see how they can screw you over. Best way to go about it is to look around and find the best deals so that you can get re setup and if they have to pay out less to cover the loss then they'll be more likely to not kick up a fuss about it. With that said my aunt used to work in the industry I can ask her if you like and I'm in Canada too so what she could tell me would be applicable to your situation rather than a guess

basically in my email she said:

"The home insurance will cover it, less the deductible.
I can make a claim on your behalf just need a few details.
brief description
approx value
and police report number."

Sent all the info I had over to her, but did not know if I should have put the price i paid for everything or the aprox. value new.
I had asked her and she did not answer it.

thanks for the help but I think i am covered for now
and good point I am gonna getting a few more quotes from company's before responding back to her, have to cover all my bases.
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