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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
hunker down for more paintball=violence hostility from outside the sport. nobody mainstream is going to see guns like the dye dam and think "marker." they look more like guns to more people than ever.
You could be right. I've said before that I think those days of legal danger are over for paintball, but I also thought the gun control push was finally over in this country and now look--NOT to start a forbidden political discussion, just pointing out how quickly the issues at hand can change with reaction to an incident or two.

Really we just need someone deranged to go out and do something heinous (no offense), and then for that person to just so happen to be a paintballer with an evil, ugly-looking DAM or Milsig in his closet for media to flash around. Or if Taylor Swift shoots her eye out or something.

Actually, I thought the Aurora movie theater shooter had a poster, and here it is.

Take particular note; this IS how it starts.
No background check is required to play paintball, officials said.


Chuck Hendsch, chief operating officer for the National Professional Paintball League, said Holmes was not a member of the organization.
This is prime example of bias in journalism; the reporter asks these questions with the implication that there should be a background check to play paintball or buy gear, and that if the shooter was a member of NPPL, maybe that organization would be somehow liable. It also demonstrates journalistic ignorance in Mr. Parker's assumption that any significant portion of paintball players belong to the NPPL.

Read more: Some worry James Holmes' poster casts unfair light on paintball - The Denver Post Some worry James Holmes' poster casts unfair light on paintball - The Denver Post
Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content: Terms of Use - The Denver Post

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