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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
That last post is actually the perfect segway into my post.

The earlier ones didn't have any seal around the pierce pin. I've never had a problem with them leaking but I don't believe anyone even Nelson has any more if that one breaks (which I have only heard of happening once) This will lead to one possible compatibility issue.

Since there was no seal, and no collar for a seal, the frames didn't have a hole big enough to accommodate a seal going through them. Check yours, this may require some trading out or modifying of the frame.
I did not know that, I always thought that it required the seal...figures why I don't have the cut out for the stem and collar to go thru and the grip was stamped Aug 14, 1984 [or something like that]. The nelson that was former rust bucket that I got off this site had the cut out for the collar, now it all makes sense!

There are grips that support the 12gram as they have a gaping hole where you insert the 12gram and there is a speed wheel that was used many moon ago. I know sold battle grips that had the hole for the 12gram but couldn't find it...:/
There is a link to Baccipaintball that shows what they look however when I clicked the link they don't have them instock...

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