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Thanks for all the advise!

For the Real Flight sim, is the basic one for $100 ok? Is it worth paying $200 for the deluxe one?

I found the Real Flight disks/program on ebay for $39, no controller/radio. Which radio do you guys recommend? What do I need to connect a radio to an umb port?

Is this flight sim any good?

Dynam 6CH USB RC Flight Simulator for Radio Controlled Airplanes and Helicopters
The Real Flight Basic package should be fine for beginners. Real Flight are always making updates and improvements. If you are on a low budget, go with the Real Flight Basic package. When you start getting into advance flying (3D tricks), start looking into the Real Flight deluxe package. I believe by then...Real Flight would have a newer version out.

The Real Flight Deluxe package is worth it. Most Radio Control shops have a demo for people to test it. You should check out a local RC shop before you make your final decision.

As for the controller, I would suggest using the Real Flight controller. Real Flight gives you the option to use your own RC radio as the controller. Basically, you are using a USB link cable to the trainer port on the RC radio. Keep in mind, your RC radio has to have the trainer port. Not all RC radios have these. Using your RC radio gets you a little closer to the real feel of flying your personal plane. On the other hand, some people invest thousands on their RC radio. We all have tripped on cords before, so some of us with expensive radios actually prefer to use the Real Flight controller. The Real Flight controller is made by Futaba. Futaba is one of the most popular and reliable radios on the market.

As far as RC radio selection, there are several to choose from. Futaba and JR are the only radios I would purchase. There are others like Airtronics, Hitec, and Tower Hobbies. Airtronics is not a popular radio, but they are get radios. Hitec is popular for its affordable pricing. I believe Futaba and JR has been around the longest, so they seem to push the technology. I would suggest going with Futaba. Futaba makes a wide selection of radios for beginners to expert level.

I haven't tried the flight simulator by Dynam, but it seem like everyone in the review section likes it. It also seems like you can't go wrong for a sale price of $15.90.
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