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Minimalist (near barefoot) Combat Boots

Just passing this along for woodsballers interested in minimalist footware.

Apparently, Belleville Boot (long time combat/tactical boot manufacturer) has released a minimalist (5mm drop) tactical boot called the TR10*.

Given their published stats (below) it appears that the photo may be a little deceiving when it comes to the sole thickness. I suspect (I don't have a pair yet myself) that the sides actually come up a bit much like my Vivobarefoot Ra's (minimalist oxford).

Presently, they're selling in Black (TR102) and Tan (TR101), and Sage Green (like the U.S. Air Force boots, TR103). Onto the stats:
  • A true minimalist boot with a 5 millimeter “drop”
  • Exclusive Vibram® “Tarsus” oil and slip resistant rubber
  • Highly breathable unlined leather & nylon upper
  • Double & triple stitched seams for enhanced durability
  • Padded Achilles support
  • 8” height
  • Less than 2lbs per pair

The only question I have is 'how wide is the toe box?' When I first got into barefoot style footware (I have running and working shoes now), I tried the Nike Free line and they felt to narrow in the toe, so I expect that the Nike SFBs are similar as well as having too much EVA.
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