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Originally Posted by Spiffy View Post
Yep, its a Nightmare LB with a homemade DF & cutout on the bucket changer. The lb comp models were RF and had a dropout changer.
To correctly state.... The LB comps were drop in changers. The cut was in the top of the 12 gram tube. Also... this one looks like it has a very nice Right Feed adapter. Some of the LB Comps I've seen (and the one I had) had a sleeve (pretty much a pipe T fitting) that slid down the top tube and fed from the Right through a hole in the top tube. Whomever did this knew what they were doing. Also... all LB Comps could be converted back to stock class feed. Most just had a 10 rd tube shoved in the top tube to act as a ball stop and it was easy to pull the front cap and push the tube out if desired.

Don't quote me on it, but there is a very good possibility that this was modified by a shop like Gramps and Grizzly or someone similar.

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