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DYE 2k2 "Reflex" Autococker white/red fade

I purchased this marker as a project but I just dont have the time/inclination to finish. My loss is your gain. I'd say its about 90% complete. I will list what it needs below.

What we have here is a DYE 2K2 Autococker. It is technically not a Reflex but the body styling is very similar. Cosmetically I'd say its an 8/10 it has some dings here and there from the previous owner but there's nothing major.

Things this marker includes:
DYE 2k2 body with matching bolt
Matching DYE Boomstick
Matching DYE 1.5 hinge frame
Matching DYE Front block and banjo bolt
Matching DYE LPR
Matching DYE 3way
Psychoballistics Ram
ANS valve and DYE lower tube
ANS Gen X-2 regulator Chrome
Matching DYE drop forward and ASA

Things this marker needs:
Rebuild for Gen X-2 reg ---->ANS X2 Regulator Rebuild Kit
Macroline and Fittings

I'm looking for $300 shipped to the lower 48
willing to discuss shipping elsewhere

cocker HP valves
First strike setups

Let me know if you have any questions

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