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Guitar String Thread

I've been using Elixr strings for years without any issues up until recently. I put a set on one of my acoustics and ended up breaking a string within a week. Called them and they sent a new set, but I'd already replaced the strings as I had a gig that weekend before I got the new set. When the new set got here, I just put them on my new martin. Two weeks into it and I broke another string. I wasn't playing it, I just went to pick it up off my stand and I noticed a broken string.

Actually, when I was playing with the band for a church service our lead singer's guitar string broke and he was using the same brand.

I've always used Elixr's and always been very happy with them up until recently. In the last week, three sets have broken and I can't have that risk when I'm playing live 3 times a week.

So, without and more text, what is a good brand of acoustic strings? Looking for a good tone of course, with a medium gauge.
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