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Wow Panda glad you enjoyed your first day at Warp'd.
I've known Glenn for 25 years.
He's a former teamate and nemesis.
He's a honest and fair businessman and understands his customers needs.

You didn't mention his Airball arena.
He recently spent 25k levelling it and buying all new bunkers.
It's fully astroturfed and THE best air field in all of Northern LA County.

The park is pump friendly. Several large local pump teams call it their homefield and all but one of the refs play pump.
You would have seen more pumpers but it was Unity Day at SCV.
I was gone too.

Glenn recently went with a new paint supplier, WPN.
It's superior quality and I use it if I can't get any Ultra Evil.

I am trying to convince him to restart his Pump Days again.
Maybe even a Big Game format too.

He's a progressive thinker and will be starting another Warp'd Park.
This one will be in Moorpark for the Ventura County crowd.
All the permits are approved and construction is set to begin.

I'm usually at Warp'd 3/4x a month.
Look or ask for me next time you go.

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