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My favorite military boot source (, right here in Missouri) doesn't have these yet, which is sad. I love these guys because they make it very easy to return and exchange boots that don't fit. Like Deuce, I have some weirdly wide feet (I wear 8.5EEEE in civilian shoes and 7XW in combat boots... my feet are little frog flippers), and the online sources I'm seeing that are carrying these are only offering up to Wide, not the Extra Wide I need.

Deuce - when shopping for civilian shoes, I usually hit Discount Shoe Warehouse or Shoe Carnival, as they tend to have a lot of EEEE wide shoes. I still haven't decided if I want to track down some finger shoes to see if any of them in my size will accommodate the width of my feet, just because they are expensive and as many miles as I put on running shoes, I tend to go cheap.
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