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Brass and Wood Fan
I4s, Brass Freak inserts, CCM barrel FS/T

Prices do NOT include shipping. I am in Canada...

I have a pair of Black Dye I4s. 7/10 condition. Mask is good, the chrome lens has scratches. Price: $60

I have Two of Ty's Brass Freak inserts. 0.675 (one line) and a 0.680 (two lines). Price: $25 Each

Older style Polished Black CCM barrel with three sizers (0.690, 0.681 and 0.677). There is one nick (pictured) about halfway up the barrel. The 0.690 sizer threads are worn but still work perfectly. Price: $50 SOLD

I will sell the rest of the lot for $95.
I will also look at trades for the following:
-A Luke's SC Mag body...preferably spring fed.
-Olive Empire E-Flex
-Mag Valve
-Hammer 7?

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