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Rainman UC kit for CCI - polished $55 shipped USD

Hi Folks,
I’ve decided to part with one of my Rainman UC kits since my gun build went a different route.
This is a Rainman kit for a CCI Phantom.
Black handle, the aluminum is gloss and has no nicks/dings.
the ONLY modification I did was to provide the larger return spring for the thick center shaft *giggle*
i found it provides a smoother pump with a little less deflection from the angle of play of the return force and position of the pump arm......yeah, I'm not sure if that makes sense either....but it feels good.
I even tried polishing the rods for a smoother glide.

EDIT: My bad, I have the mounting hex screw too since you can't use the CCI mounting thumb screw anymore with this kit.

Anyways, $55.00 USD (covers shipping and Paypal fees) and I can ship via USPS Priority
Paypal Please….
A NEW UC kit from Rainman sells for $65.00 for Gloss and $60.00 for matte.
Here's the pic, PM me or post for questions.

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