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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
you do realize that at over 300 FPS you're playing with fire as ATSM standard for paintball lenses is they are rated to so many FPS well effectively so much energy on the lens. at 350-420 as you state lens would probably only take 1 impact if that before shattering or cracking then shattering.

Originally Posted by GoatBoy View Post
While I don't condone possibly unsafe behavior, it doesn't make it OK to lie.

ASTM 1776 part 7 testing consists of firing a paintball at 400 +/- 20 FPS at a lens.

4.2.2 states that any visible fracture is a test failure.

You might want to read up on the standard before referring to it.
How do you know falcon16 is lying, maybe he is sitting. Can you see him right now?
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God damn them all, I was told we'd cruise the boards for paintgun gold
We'd fire no junk, shed no tears
Now I have a broken eliminator on Halifax pier, the last of USI's privateers
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