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Pistol Tactics?

I've been playing paintball off and on for 20 years. I've owned probably 40 different guns. In that time, only two of them have been pistols. A pgp, which I should have never sold, and a TipX which I bought a few months ago.

I've been playing with the TipX as my primary for a lot of rec days and I've recently become addicted to Mag Fed games. Limited paint and pistols are revolutionizing the game for me.

Considering my time in the sport and my experience level in several different paintball formats, I feel I can say with minimal arrogance that I am a capable player. However, I'm new to pistols-only and I'm looking for tips. I've learned a lot from watching various people's killcams, and some dedicated players have been helping me beat the learning curve. That being said, I'm always open to learning new stuff and this seems to be the place to do that for sure.

Please use this thread to share favorite tactics with pistol/pistols and how you advantage this style of setup in game. I'm looking for tips about rec play and also longer formats like scenario games.

Here's what I've been doing so far:
I try to move fast and get farther up the field than I would have otherwise. After doing so I stay patient and pick my shots. I've been surprising well equipped and experienced players by doing this.

I use the lower profile allowed by my rig to get in smaller spaces, snap shoot faster and tighter, and take weird angles (I find myself shooting supine, forward prone, lupine, etc. way more often now).

I use the unique capabilities of the mag fed pistol to shoot from angles that most hoppers will not reliably feed.

Anyways, anyone who's been patient enough to read this ridiculous long post, please feel encouraged to share tips, tricks, and tweaks.

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