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Originally Posted by Born4Evil View Post
Order Sent. Payment to follow, once I receive the invoice.


Originally Posted by [MOOSE] View Post
Shot mine today. It is very quiet, and I only got 15 shots off a 12g. Is cold outside but not that child and I left the 12gs in my pocket when I drive to where I shoot it at. Would that still be the culprit our is there done tuning I need to do.

The shots that where usable were very nice and straight. This thing makes you feel like a badass.
paint to barrel match, velocity after that, hold your pump forward. there is a return spring but you are still going to get back pressure.

low temperature never helps with co2. that body is a big old honking piece of aluminum, once it gets cold it doesn't matter how warm you keep your 12 grams. 12 grams of co2 -vs- 1 kg of aluminum. the aluminum wins that race lol. oh and shooting downhill or running around with it pointing at the ground won't help your case, the 12ie is pointing forwards.

shooting int he shop with radiant heat( black things get warmer) at 15 deg C i break 20 shots with an absolute crap paint to barrel match on every one. one day I will have to buy a small bore barrel for the shop. In the summer i normally get 25 shots in the same test. I don't test them at 0 cause I already get the chills sitting still at 15 lol.
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