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Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
A long and interesting read. Seems to fly in the face of my "wisdom". I can accept the idea of reducing surface irregularities in order to make the marker more accurate.

How about a little test? (I know, you aren't interested in trying to convince the unconvinced, but I want to see the difference )

I will make up a pair of 10" unported brass Autococker barrels. May I send you one to be honed and use it for comparison to the unhoned barrel?

I will mark the barrels permanently as to which is which.

If anyone would like to borrow the pair, I would be willing to loan them out, with the following rules:

- The barrels are my property and on loan, so please treat them gently.
- I will pay for the shipping to you. You pay the return shipping.
- If they are lost or damaged, please inform me immediately.

You've earned my respect through the years with your helpful posts, I would be happy to comply or if you prefer I could simply mail you my flexhone.
It's used but has some life left, I ordered a new one when this thread reminded me of it, the used one would be a gift. The only weird tip is no solvents! Don't wash a hone in a parts washer or anything. PM me your address if you're in.

I'm not saying that first strikes couldn't benefit for smiths hone themselves.
I am saying that they do benefit, though I hadn't gotten that far... I am no longer saying why I think they do.

I've been shooting first strikes for the last 2 years since I converted my TPXs to shoot them. I use them extensively in outlaw play, though they are not allowed at my home field, Hell Survivors.
Ty will have the hone with my compliments, I'm sure someone will get around to shooting a first strike through something.
I suspect that when they do, I'll hear back about it.

I was being increasingly puzzled and frustrated as well as condescending when I said those things, you are correct.
My first post, good ole #12, politely explained with no condescension the change I made to the barrel, the effects of the change and my hypotheses as to why these effects occured.
I also stated that I was offering you a barrel to check out that cockerpunk and BryceLarson had refused to investigate.

The response I received was an anecdote about you and Mike from TechPB and reassurance of how accurate your predictions were, along with a mention that you'd bring it up with cockerpunk and Bryce larson.

Everything after that was a red haze.

It's like the old joke
"What do you call a scientist who resists a free chance to examine data that might be new in one of his areas of interest?"

The punchline is that there's no punchline and no old joke. Real scientists, even amateur scientists, don't act like that.

If some longtime MCB member, with a crackpot theory, wanted to mail me a free paintball barrel, I'd tell him to go to town. I'd have PMed my addy or at least broken the secret of what threads are on my gun by now. I'd test it or if I didn't have the facilities, I'd have someone else do so. At the very least I'd play a game or 2 with it and give my gut reaction...
Your confidence that this is purely academic for you because you shoot first strikes to the point that you could care less, I find fascinating.
Since you can't have any idea whether that is true or not until someone in the world besides me shoots them through such a barrel...
Ah well.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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