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Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
They are great but spendy. They can double the price of a build, in this case it would be another %25 percent probably. I am partial to CCM sliders mainly for the looks, they look great, but as much as it pains me to say, most all sliders perform the same, you can get the same performance for under $50. You know all of this of course,
Well, I love the 86* slider, it's probably the best frame IMO for mechs and is just comfy on pumps. Now if CCM could make a J12 frame compatible with mechs... I'd be in heaven.

Originally Posted by HokiePB View Post
The slider pictured has an AKA trigger plate and springs with a Belsales roller sear in it - it doesn't get any smoother than that!

Thanks for the input guys! I'll probably go with the CCM swing frame, and will save the slider for another build.
Good choice!
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