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I see no need to convert to a mag feed.
It takes skill to rock the SR-1 its not a marker for everyone.
I know I don't want to have to buy ten mags just to play a game it can get costly.
There are plenty of mag fed markers out that are easily obtainable and work fine.
The SR-1 is in a class of its own and if its mag feed your looking for then it seems that the SR-1 is not what you should be looking at.
I know I have no interest in a mag feed bolt action marker. Especially not at $1000+ for one.
Bill just nailed it with the price thing. It seems to me that people need to work on their first shot accuracy and work on that skill first other wise the SR-1 would be just an other marker on the market.
My first paintball game was last year.
I should know everything there is to know about paintball.
The best marker is the one I use.
I learned everything I need to know about how to fix and run a successful paintball venture from the Internet.
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