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Originally Posted by dano_____
I would be lying if I didnt say I've had this idea for years. Bravo to someone for actually getting the ambition and resources to bring it to life!
same... though mine was a redesign for the impulse lower tube (and not exactly the same, but the concept remains close)
I came up this in about 2003/2004, and filed the patent about then (just patent pending,) with it being awarded in Nov. 2009. Some times it take a while, so when you do get an idea, follow it through! The end result is awesome.

In the old Impulse Chassis Ydna build the 'Husher':

Impulse modded valve... - PbNation

Which, well, if you want to see how this gun is, take a peek at that.

This gun runs at a lower pressure, and has less moving mass then the Husher.


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