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Actually, this is EXACTLY what I want! Mag fed, but bolt-action. I am really looking forward to seeing it, where do I sign up/get in line?!

I used to play with a MacMurray Marauder I fashioned into a stock with bolt action, and it was really fun but still had that unsightly 50 rd hopper on top. My next thought was to try and replicate the First Strike-modified AT-85 over in the ATS forum, but although it works (mostly) for that user, it's not an optimal solution. That's why I'm so glad to hear CCM is pursuing a purpose built model. It would be really nice to see mag fed using these cartridges, what an incredible marker that would be! And that would still set it so far apart from other markers...

Are you also considering the use of the to-be-released Scarab Arms rounds? Are they the same exact parameters as the First Strikes?

I'll be watching with interest, and ready to sign up for one of your future mag-fed SR models!
Our current rifle will work well with all ammo because of its design

Yes I would like to try some Scarab rounds.
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