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Originally Posted by shinjinian View Post
It's likely that eventually all marker brands will go with the air thru asa, so you might need to get used to it sooner or later. Although I'm with you on not being a fan of them.
This is a reason I shoot the guns I do ie Auto Cocker.

When we first started, the bottles screwed in the back, under the gun or 12 gram was in the grip. Nelsons could feed air thru the grip using a remote. Then some wise A$$ put an ASA on the bottom of the grip. That was fine I got used to it after talking with Bill Gardner as he explained the reason. Which was true. Took me two days, but it was worth the advice.

Then the greatest invention came out, the drop forward. It was awsome. Then some idiot went back to the Frame ASA and it's the greatest thing next to chocolate. Go figure

I figure if someone wants cash out of me, you better give me options. I don't use fat round stobby HPA bottles, I don't play speed ball. I even still use covers on my bottles to protect them.

There's one thing I do in this sport well, and that is SPEND MONEY on equipment and what some call needless junk. Just ask anyone at Super Game.

Just because PRO player X has it, doesn't mean I need it. Those guys are there to do one thing and that is to make money for the company they work for Which is fine with me, it's an HONEST living

Have a barrel that isn't anodized on the inside? That right there is a bargin. A little boring on the lathe, shotgun swab and NEVRDULL and you just added a few more feet on your shot


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