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I got introduced to pump play about 6 years ago by a friend of mine. Played my first pump game with an SL-68 II and was pretty much hooked from then on. I loved the fact it was a lighweight play style that emphasized the good parts of the game (strategy,stealth and speed) while taking out the spray and pray aspect of things. My very first pump was a unibody phantom with a dropout changer. I fell in love with the dropout changer concept, but at that time a phantom felt far too featherweight for me. I ended up gravitating more towards the sheridan guns for a while and owned several. I then got into OC style play when I bought my trilogy pump. I ended up trading a T8 I had for a phantom that was the same config as my old one but without the fixed barrel and now that same phantom is a micro with all the trimmings and in my bag it is THE pump gun to beat. Only thing I feel comes close is my Illusion.

But I digress. Reason I got hugely into pump and have basically never left the pump world was I just loved how light and fast a pump setup can be. Now when I do play semi I play it with a pump mindset and can make a bag last for a long time. With that said semi play is rare for me. I personally love that even being broke as a joke (single parent with a 6 month old) that if I want to go play when the weather is decent I can buy a little sandwich baggy of 100 balls at the local field for $5 get my 13/3K filled and play with my sanchez stick feed on my triliogy and it's so cheap and fun I almost feel like a big spender when I drop $20 to get a full bag or play BYOP airball and know I can shoot through the whole case since I practice with the local tourney team.

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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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