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This is a great shot. One thing I've noticed when shooting spiders in their webs, it's that it's very hard to get the web fully illuminated. What I found to work really well was to use a telephoto lens(I used a 70-300) on a tripod, with a relatively quick exposure of around 1/60 of a second, and then a wider aperture of like f5.6. Then use the poppy upppy flash on the camera to trigger a slave light. You will light the front of the bug from the front, while the other light will be on the other side of the web. If it's dark, you'll have just the web and spider in focus.

Hope that made any sense at all. The shot is great. Play around with an off-camera flash if you have one and you'll get a really pronounced web outline. I'd give it a very solid 8/10.

Here's my spider shot

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